Glass frits made cooling quickly the glass blocks inside the cold water before milling it (hot frits) or produced grinding the glass blocks (cold frits).


Used by glass masters in their process in order to get the tonality of the frit for the glass that is usually uncoloured, or they can also be encased in tiles to make floor and much more.

Hot frits are particularly suitable for second processing such as lamp-work, fusion and glass blowing, while cold frits are suitable both for hot and cold processing, with no strains or breaks while smoothing or polishing too.

Produced in different sizes with the same color range of the transparent, pastel and special rods.

Annealing Temperature: 470°C (878°F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion α (0 ÷ 300°C) = 104 ± 1,5°C-1 10­-7

Frits Effetre Murano

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