Glass Rods

Brilliance, high chromatic stability and compatibility, are the characteristics that distinguish the approximately 200 color shades in which rods are supplied.

The glass rods are around 1 meter long and are provided in bundles divided per colour and size.

They are divided in 5 traditional colour range Transparent, Pastel, Alabaster, Special and Opaline plus two new ones New by Machine colours and New Handmade colours.

The New by Machine colour range has been created by the customers' continuous support and request, this new colour range (including both transparent and opaque tonalities) has been added to the 5 traditional ones.
The number of these tonalities is constantly increasing.

The Handmade Colours have more rare shades, going from the simple deep colour of nero intenso up to the more sophisticated caribbean sea or giallo opalino pastello.
This range have been created in order to satisfy our clients' highest requests, therefore the list of this colours is always increasing.

All these colours are hand-pulled and produced upon customers' request.

Annealing Temperature: 470°C (878°F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion α (0 ÷ 300°C) = 104 ± 1,5°C-1 10­-7

Glass Rods Effetre Murano

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