Zanfrico – Reticello

High quality products, belonging to the filigree range as they need a very particular and difficult manufacture.

Zanfirico consists of lines of opaque glass turned together while pulling the rods creating a spiral inside then wrapped in a clear cover.

While reticello is so named for the characteristic mesh texture that can be observed inside.

Both of them are provided only in rods around 1 meter long divided per pattern and size.
These products are available in a wide range of tonalities, and it is also possible to produce them upon specific design, following a continuous research whose aim is to meet the customer requests.

Annealing Temperature: 470°C (878°F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion α (0 ÷ 300°C) = 104 ± 1,5°C-1 10­-7

Zanfrico Effetre Murano

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