Polychromatic layered glass rods made exclusively by hand by our glass masters.

Glass rods in layers of different colours, whose processing needs more phases: collecting, marbling and pulling.

Millefiori are glass rods in layers of different colours, whose processing needs more phases: the glass is casted in moulds and then covered by as many glass layers as the ones composing the wished design, thus getting a big glass ball that will be pulled to get the rods.

A huge number of different pattern and colours are available for this product, furthermore it is possible to make special designs upon customers' request. Millefiori can be provided in rod around 1 meter long in bundles divided per colour and size.
Also provided in cut form (3/5 mm high) divided per item and size, or in bags including an assortment of transparent or opaque colours divided per size.


Patterns representing alphabet letters or numbers from 0 to 9 have been created, in addition to the characteristic pattern for which the millefiori is famous all around the world.

These are produced in white colour on blue background.

Millefiori Letters/Numbers are provided in rods around 1 meter long, in bundles per item and size, or in cut form in bags per item and size. For the cut form bags including assorted letters or assorted numbers are also available.

Annealing Temperature: 470°C (878°F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion α (0 ÷ 300°C) = 104 ± 1,5°C-1 10­-7

Millefiori Effetre Murano

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